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Top 23 Event Networking Apps for 2023

With so many event apps out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide which app suits your event best. To help you decide, we’ve analyzed the market and compiled a list of the best event networking apps in 2023 and looked closely at what they have to offer.

What is an event networking app?

An event networking app is an event app that provides additional features for streamlined networking. Ultimately, the purpose of event networking apps is to bring together attendees with similar interests more easily and quickly, making it easier to gather business contacts at events. Business networking next level – so to speak.

Event professionals use event management tools with matchmaking features to achieve this. Using matchmaking, participants can identify and develop relevant business contacts and opportunities before, during or even after the event.

What are the benefits of using an event networking app?

As you probably know, most people attend a B2B event to make new contacts or refresh existing ones. So the success of an individual’s networking ultimately determines the success of an event.

Since networking at events is a real challenge for all participants, as an event planner you can help this process along – both before and after the event. How? By providing matchmaking, which is available with event networking apps and takes the quality of networking to a new level.

In these apps, suitable contacts are suggested to each other following a previous data query. If both express interest, you can enter into an exchange before the event, plan meetings during the event in advance, and stay in touch with each other afterwards. In this way, you increase engagement and facilitate the process of finding the right business partners.

By using event networking apps, attendees can see in advance who will be attending and initiate and coordinate relevant business conversations. This means less stress and a sharper focus on what’s important during the event. As the process is simplified and optimized through matchmaking, the participants of your event will return with more business contacts and be more satisfied.

Another advantage of event networking apps is that you can use them online, offline, and also very well at hybrid events. Since the challenge of networking at virtual events and hybrid events is even greater, an event app with matchmaking offers exactly the right solution for these event formats.

The 23 best Event Networking Apps in 2023

In today’s world, event guests find themselves in a better position to do business networking. There are many apps that make this easier. We take a look at the vendors and the best event networking apps for in-person, hybrid, and virtual event networking.

An overview of the best event networking app providers:

  1. Converve
  2. Hubilo
  3. Webex Events (ehemals Socio)
  4. Airmeet
  5. Hopin
  6. Bizzabo
  7. Whova
  8. Swapcard
  9. Goldcast
  10. BigMarker
  11. Brella
  12. 6Connex
  13. Braindate
  14. Canapii
  15. Zuddl
  16. Stova (ehemals Meetingplay & Aventri)
  17. Preciate
  18. EventMobi
  19. Jifflenow
  20. B2Match
  21. Let’s Get Digital
  22. Accelevents
  23. Meetyoo


Converve’s event app brings your entire event and all the features to life from every device, offering one of the best event networking apps on the market. The German all-in-one event software with many flexible features makes a customized event as a networking and content experience possible without any problems. The focus is on B2B matchmaking and networking functionalities. Instead of standard solutions, you will be accompanied by experienced experts who will adapt the event software perfectly to your event. As a local product from Germany, it is also GDPR and DSGVO compliant.

converve meeting platform

Value proposition: Your Event. Your Way.

Pricing: Per event from €3,800.

Top-rated features: matchmaking, customer service, meeting scheduling, platform ease of use

Areas of application: All forms of B2B events, online, offline or as a hybrid event, 365-day community, hosted buyer formats.

Most common industries: Career and job fairs, non-profits, tourism, startups & investors

Languages: German, English + translation into all languages possible through integration


Hubilo is an American all-in-one event platform for webinars, virtual and hybrid events, and on-site events. Customizable to your needs, the platform promises interactive events and greater event ROI. With its built-in gamification feature and integrated broadcasting studio, you can enhance and self-direct your online events and webinars. Hublio also ensures the hosting of data in the EU and is GDPR compliant.

hubilo event dashboard

Value Proposition: “Maximize your event ROI with Hubilo.”

Top-rated features: Features for interactive content, online event programs, and exhibitors/sponsors at virtual events.

Areas of application: Event services, corporate, government organizations and associations, educational institutions, private organizations

Languages: English, German + 19 others

Webex Events (formerly Socio)

The event networking app from Webex Events (formerly Socio) makes it easy to create a branded, fully customizable event app for your conferences, trade shows and events. Attendees can create their own agenda and social networking tools improve engagement between all participants.

webex events group meeting

Value Proposition: Any event. Every audience. One platform.

Top-rated features: multiple event management, event agenda and schedules, email customization

Areas of use: All organizations, groups and companies that run events, conferences and trade shows

Most common industries: Education, non-profits, computer and software companies, event services

Languages: English, German + 28 more


Airmeet is an all-in-one platform for all event formats, including conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, hackathons, career fairs, exhibitions and more. With matchmaking criteria, completed bios for each user, speed dating features, and explicit time slots for networking increase opportunities for networking with Airmeet’s cloud-based service.

airmeet web conference

Value Proposition: “Stop hosting events. Start hosting event experiences.”

Pricing: Per event from €5,000, Annual subscription from €6,000.

Top-rated features: virtual lobby, 1:1 networking, integrated webcasting

Areas of application: All event formats, including conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, town halls, career fairs, exhibitions and more.

Most common industries: Education management, higher education, non-profit management, event services, marketing and advertising.

Languages: English, German + 10 more


Hopin is an all-in-one live event platform that allows organizations to create, host and manage live events for up to 100,000 attendees. Each event with Hopin features certain core functions: Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking and Expo Area. For each event, there are personal interaction options from speed dating features to 1:1 conversations to live videos for all participants (guests, sponsors, speakers and vendors and salespeople).

hopin event meeting with many participants

Value Proposition: “Events without limits”.

Top-rated features: built-in webcasting, event configurator

Areas of application: Live-stream, meet-up, webinars, events, 365-day community

Most common industries: Event services, non-profit organization, information technology

Languages: English, German + 8 more


With a focus on social sharing and engagement, Bizzaboo is a major player among event networking apps. In terms of networking, the all-in-one software offers a community section, messaging feature, and LinkedIn integration, among others. With the event networking app, you can increase engagement using polls, questionnaires, Q&A and much more. It’s also possible to build a community by allowing participants to network with peers and sponsors – even beyond the event.

bizzabo networking event app

Value Proposition: “Every event size, format, and type – all the flexibility you need.”

Top-rated features: customer support, event design, speaker contributions, managing multiple events

Areas of application: Large-scale events, exhibitions, webinars, virtual and on-site events, hybrid events

Most common industries: Event services, computer software, finance, marketing and advertising, e-learning.

Languages: English


Whova’s event networking mobile app allows attendees to create detailed bios with links to their social networks and connect with each other before an event. Guests can also exchange digital business cards, easing the path to a post-event relationship. The Whova app offers interactive options, so on-site attendees can interact with speakers just as audience members do at home. The conference app also allows guests to select and attend panels or sessions of their choice.

Value Proposition: “Save Organizer Time and provide Attendees the best experience.”

Top-rated features: event agenda and schedules for events,

Networking of guests

Areas of application: Webinars, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, virtual, on-site, and hybrid events,

Most common industries: Corporate, Higher Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Hospital and Healthcare, Research, Festival and Arts Events.

Languages: English, German + 4 others


Swapcard is an AI-powered all-in-one event and matchmaking platform that supports in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Artificial intelligence is used to facilitate B2B matchmaking and connect users based on their profile, interests and individual event journeys – even before and after the event.

Value Proposition: “Any event format, One software.”

Best-rated features: online event calendar, event configurator

Areas of application: Webinars, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, congresses

Most common industries: Event services, non-profit organizations, finance,


Languages: English, German + 33 others


Goldcast is an event management tool designed for B2B marketers to create engaging digital events – from webinars to large summits. The platform helps you execute your B2B event marketing strategy and grow the pipeline with CRM-integrated post-event insights.

goldcast event dashboard

Value Proposition: “Not just an event. An experience.”

Top-rated features: event configurator, online event program,

Integrated webcasting

Areas of application: Webinars, product demos, product launches, virtual summits, conferences, community events, hybrid events

Most common industries: Computer and software, information technology, marketing and advertising, finance, higher education

Languages: English


BigMarker’s event networking app combines powerful webinar software with marketing features and AI-powered matchmaking service. The AI-powered feature allows your guests to quickly identify relevant contacts. With the mobile app and networking features such as matchmaking, network builder and speed dating, you can provide your attendees with quality networking from anywhere.

bigmarker event meeting feature

Value Proposition: “Elevate your webinars, virtual & hybrid events.”

Top-rated features: cross-device capabilities, integrated webcasting, webcasting integrations

Areas of application: Webinars, conferences, summits and symposiums, expos and tradeshows, job fairs

Most common industries: E-learning, Information Technology, Marketing and Advertising, Education Management, Professional Training & Coaching

Languages: English, German + 8 others


Brella offers an event networking app for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events that advertises high-value networking features. The AI-powered algorithm finds the best contacts in seconds based on your guests’ networking interests and goals. With the Easy Booking and Easy Scheduling features, attendees can suggest, accept, or reschedule a meeting time in just a few clicks.

Value Proposition: “The complete event platform built for networking.”

Top-rated features: Webcasting integrations, online event program, interactive content

Areas of application: Corporate events, customer events, conferences, tradeshows, academic events

Most common industries: Event services, finance, information technology, marketing and advertising, venture capital

Languages: English


The 6Connex all-in-one event platform offers a wide range of features for in-person, hybrid or virtual events. Features of the event networking app include AI technology with content matching and networking capabilities. Engagement can be enhanced with interaction tools such as 1:1 chat, video chat, gamification, social sharing and webcasting.

Value Proposition: “Event Technology for All Your Events”.

Pricing: Per event starting at €3,000

Top-rated features: Virtual lobby, speaker access,

Advanced reporting

Areas of application: Conferences, webinars, job fairs, tradeshows, corporate events

Most common industries: Event services, information technology, healthcare, education management

Languages: English, German + 23 more


Braindate is an experiential peer learning solution for virtual, hybrid or live events and communities. To give each guest their own stage, participants can organize or take part in individual and group discussions on topics of their choice. This works with the user-generated content stream and so-called topic cards.

braindate event schedule

Value Proposition: “Reinventing The Way People Meet & Learn”.

Pricing: Per event from €4,500

Top-rated features: lead generation, virtual networking, meeting reports

Areas of application: Customer events, corporate events, industry summits, tradeshows, club events and meetings of 50 to 200,000 guests

Most common industries: Event services, computer software, information technology, management consulting, human resources

Languages: German, English + 2 others


Canapii’s event management platform is designed for events of all sizes to plan in-person, hybrid and virtual events. From online ticketing to on-site check-in and post-event analytics, the digital tools enable event planners to streamline the entire event organization process. Engagement features such as surveys and polls, gamification options and the matchmaking tool are also available via the event app.

canapii webinar dashboard

Value Proposition: “Host events of any kind, no matter the size.”

Top-rated features: on-site ticketing and registration, meeting scheduling, vendor sourcing

Areas of application: Conferences, webinars, workshops, networking events

Most common industries: Information technology, non-profit organizational management, higher education, computer & network security

Languages: English, German + 55 others


Zuddl offers B2B event branders an event networking app for virtual, hybrid or live events. AI-powered matchmaking provides smart networking and helps your guests make valuable connections. Other networking features: Quick Networking with defined time limits and detailed networking analytics.

Value Proposition: “The Unified Platform for Events and Webinars”.

Pricing: subscription starting at €24,000 annually

Top-rated features: Integrated webcasting, virtual lobby, speaker access.

Areas of application: Webinars, conferences, DEI events

Most common industries: Computer software, information technology, event services, management consulting

Languages: English, German, French

Stova (former Meetingplay & Aventri)

Stova’s event networking app also works with AI matching so attendees can make the right contacts. Other networking features: social feed, gamification tools, meetup scheduling tool, personalized scheduling.

Value Proposition: “Bring your best event experience to life”

Top-rated features: control and access of speakers

Areas of application: Conferences, sales kickoff, virtual job fairs, exhibitions, tradeshows

Most common industries: Computer software, event services, finance, information technology

Languages: English


Scoot is a platform that uses social presence technology to mimic the atmosphere of real networking events with random encounters. Music and movement create a real-life experience in virtual space. Participants can move freely and switch from one conversation to the next. Voices get louder or softer as you move, just like in real life. Scoot’s mobile app makes this platform a true event networking app. But the technology can also be used as an add-on to your virtual event platform.

scoot happy hour webinar

Value Proposition: “Add Networking to Your Virtual Events”

Top-rated features: attendee permissions, hand raising, screen sharing

Areas of application: Virtual meetings, networking events

Most common industries: Information technology, computer software, management consulting, marketing and advertising

Languages: English


Eventmobi’s event app is an end-to-end platform for virtual, hybrid and live events. To encourage networking, the following features are available on the event networking app: individual and personal attendee profiles, group discussions, appointment booking, private one-on-one chats, livestream chat at virtual program events, activity feed for sharing photos, social media wall with your event hashtag, and moderation for group discussions and activity feed.

Value Proposition: “Add Networking to Your Virtual Events”

Pricing: Per event starting at €3,500

Top-rated features: event diary, interactive floor plans/maps

Areas of application: Virtual meetings, networking events

Most common industries: Associations, education, healthcare, finance, insurance

Languages: English, German + 21 others


Companies focused on scheduling B2B meetings at trade shows and events are well served by Jifflenow’s networking app to enable more meetings. Whether in-person or virtual and hybrid events, meeting automation supports networking. Automated scheduling, management, and analytics of B2B meetings can help marketing and sales teams achieve greater ROI.

Value Proposition: “B2B Meeting Scheduling Automated”

Top-rated features: meeting scheduling, lead generation

Areas of application: Webinars, product demo, conferences, expert meetings, tradeshows

Most common industries: Information technology, computer software, event services, finance

Languages: English


b2match is an AI-powered event networking platform for in-person, virtual or hybrid networking events. With a focus on B2B matchmaking features, matching contacts are found and engagement is maintained throughout the year with communities. As an all-in-one platform, you can manage your entire event with b2match.

Value Proposition: “At b2match, your participants start with a match and end with meaningful partnerships.”

Top-rated features: meeting scheduling, networking, ease of use

Areas of application: Investor and startup events, hosted buyer events, career and job fairs, innovation partnerships, exhibitor events and trade shows

Most common industries: Education, construction, creative industries, enterprise

Languages: German, English

Let’s Get Digital

The Dutch provider offers a wide range of options for personalizing a networking app to suit your own event. The software can map virtual as well as physical and hybrid events in a mobile networking app. The special feature: The app has functions to increase the attention of your participants at virtual events. With an Earthquake feature you can make elements like buttons or boxes shake.

let's get digital meeting feature

Value Proposition: We Help Event Managers Make Impact

Pricing: Per event from €500, annual subscription from €2,400

Top-rated features: attendee management, badge management, analytics/reporting

Areas of application: Physical, virtual and hybrid events

Languages: English, German, Dutch + 4 others


From a software that was originally intended to revolutinize the user experience of charity events, an all-in-one event software for events has emerged. Accelevents offers a mobile app with various networking features. Attendees can view keynote presentations, attend breakout sessions, participate in workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with companies or individuals, answer surveys, download materials and participate in live chats.

accelevents participants profiles

Value Proposition: Powerfuk Tools & Peace of Mind

Pricing: Per event and subscription options

Top-rated features: attendee management, leads generation, registration, live streaming

Areas of application: Conferences, trade shows, charity events, seminars, job fairs, product launches

Most common industries: Non-profit, education

Languages: English


Meetyoo allows you to recreate the live character of your events in a virtual environment. Participants as well as booths and live presentations can be experienced with a virtual character. In a mobile app, your attendees can move freely through your event and network with other avatars.

Value Proposition: Virtual events that look different invite your audience to connect differently

Pricing: Per event from €10,000, monthly subscription from €399

Top-rated features: Attendee management, leads generation, registration, live streaming

Areas of application: Conferences, trade shows, charity events, seminars, job fairs, product launches

Most common industries: Non-profit, education,

Languages: English