Collect valuable data from your business and networking events

Let sponsors, stakeholders and colleagues know the success of your projects. With Converve, you can gain in-depth insights into the performance of your events.

Full reporting

Converve offers full reporting with which you can track all your participants activities, from the first invitation email and registration through to success monitoring after the event.

Receive a detailed overview of the activities and interests of your participants. Get to know your target group even better and make targeted marketing decisions for future events.

KPI Reporting mit converve
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Make networking measurable

Converve gives you full insight into the meeting matrix of your participants. See how many meetings were arranged, who met whom, what the most popular meeting locations were, and much more.

Find out who the top networkers were at your event. Contact them directly and start building an active networking community for upcoming events.

Celebrate together

Success is there to share it. Impress your sponsors and stakeholders and show them the ROI and performance of your events. All data and statistics can easily be exported for third parties in Excel or other formats.

And what about the other data? With us, you’re in safe hands. Since we are based in Germany, we are subject to the strictest data protection regulations in the world. Treating your personal and company data confidentially is a top priority for us. You can find out more about data security at Converve here.

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