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For all types of networking events, customized to your needs.


  • Flexible events with all core services & features
  • Unlimited support
  • Quick implementation of platform modifications
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365 Community

For fully customized event communitys

On request

  • Extensive customization to merge your strategy & platform
  • Development of new features and integrations
  • 365 Platform with all core features
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Features & Services

Build an event platform tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated account manager for the entire project duration
  • Kickoff meeting at the beginning of the project
  • Regular meetings to manage the success of the event
  • Full support for event planners
  • Comprehensive help desk and knowledge base
  • Individual platform customizations
  • Development of new features to optimize your event
  • Matching based on interests, skills, characteristics and freely definable keywords
  • Filter by text, keywords & matching criteria
  • See who’s online & offline
  • Bookmarking of participant profiles
  • Quick search for new meeting partners based on matching rules
  • Matching matrix to manage interactions between categories
  • Let participants match with sessions of your event program
  • Manage visibility of participant categories
  • Automatically generated contact lists for participants
  • Custom tailored matchmaking algorithm
  • Determine your own matching rules
  • Speed networking / Networking carousel
  • Drag & drop website builder with pre-built templates
  • Manage content visibility & accessibility
  • Embed photos, files and videos
  • Sponsor visibility
  • Dynamic platform content with widgets (event program, companies, speakers, etc.)
  • Embed content using iframes (videos, social media, venue maps, etc.)
  • Available in multiple languages (DE | EN | FRA | ESP | POR| NL | FIN | NOR | RUS)
  • All platform language freely translatable
  • Converve-Domain (yourevent.converve.io )
  • Platform adhering to your corporate design & branding
  • Customizable web pages & menus
  • Access to CSS
  • Use your own top-level domain incl. SSL certificate
  • Import participant data from third party systems
  • Prepopulated invitation links for quicker registrations
  • Personalized email invitations for different participant types (categories)
  • Online registrations incl. seamless integration with ticketing & payment
  • Participant / company profiles with sub-profiles for people and products
  • Design flexible registration forms with unlimited fields
  • Multilingual field labels with DeepL integration
  • Various field types, such as free text, dropdown, multiple choice, conditional, mandatory fields, etc.
  • Unlimited, freely definable user categories (e.g. Buyer, Supplier) with separate registration workflows
  • Visibility of profile content adjustable by category
  • GDPR compliant setup of registration workflows
  • Manually add, edit and delete participants
  • Import attendee lists via Excel, API, or manually
  • Admin notifications for new registrations or profile updates
  • Clear overview of new registrations
  • Manually or automatically approve new registrants
  • Flexible user right management
  • Manage help requests and support tickets
  • Merge or split profiles
  • Flexible profile design for different participant groups (categories)
  • Prebuilt profile templates (exhibitors, sponsors, participants, speakers, organizers, etc.)
  • Connect profiles to event content (e.g. show sponsor’s presentations in profile)
  • Allow participants to edit & update their profiles
  • Let participants select & change their timezone
  • Let participants enhance their profiles with interactive content (videos, images, file download, etc.)
  • “In-Person” / “Virtual” status display for hybrid event participants
  • Automated invoicing
  • Automated mailing of digital tickets
  • Booking and invoice overview
  • Limit level of platform access based on payment status
  • Connect payment service providers (Stripe, Unzer)
  • Various payment options (credit card, invoice, bank transfer)
  • Integrated shop with unlimited number of products incl. group tickets
    • Customizable discount, marketing & promotion code generation
    • All currencies / tax rates (VAT & EU Reverse Charge Feature)
    • Custom participant experiences based on ticket type or upgrades
  • Generate tickets using profile data, incl. digital codes (2-D, 3-D barcodes)
  • Custom ticket & invoice design
  • Ticket creation incl. digital codes (2-D, 3-D barcodes)
  • Connect ticketing to existing admission systems
  • Sandbox mode for testing the registration and payment workflow
  • Flexible agenda management by participants
  • Create mandatory sessions (e.g. for keynotes or breaks)
  • Create an event program with parallel tracks
  • Manage participants, presenters, and moderators for each session
  • All agenda items displayed in the selected time zone of participants
  • Recommend sessions to users based on their profile information
  • Host sessions with Converve Rooms (complete streaming & conference solution)
  • On demand video library for your content
  • Open & gated program sessions
  • Manage session registrations & add waiting lists
  • Automated session overview (name, description, speaker, location, topic, free seats)
  • Connect locations to sessions for in-person events
  • Integration of third-party tools (e.g. Zoom, Webex, YouTube, etc.)
  • In-person, hybrid & virtual meeting options
  • Option to automate meeting scheduling based on users’ requests
  • Overview of networking statistics (number of participants, names, time slots, table distribution)
  • Edit participants’ schedules as an admin
  • Share schedules or invite other participants within the same organization to meetings
  • Participant agendas populated with meetings and relevant event content
  • Video meetings hosted in-app (no third-party software required)
  • Automated table assignment (table, room, booth etc.)
  • Automated meeting notifications via email
  • Optional post-meeting survey/feedback forms
  • Flexible networking configuration (meeting duration, break duration, table & room allocation, max meetings per slot)
  • Change meeting conditions during your events
  • Customized rules for meeting agendas
  • Host speed networking sessions
  • Host every format (e.g. breakout sessions, keynotes, webinars, workshops, roundtables, etc.)
  • Livestream integration
  • Integrate and/or embed pre-recorded content
  • Set up on demand areas / media libraries
  • “My Stage” view: automatically updating personal agenda which progresses throughout the event
  • Integrate Zoom / GoToWebinar
  • Integrate MS Teams, Webex, Skype
  • Converve Rooms: Complete video conferencing solution (streaming, participant engagement, moderation)
  • Fully responsive design for optimal display on tablets and phones
  • Easy to install from the web app home screen
  • No downloads from app stores required
  • Create, save, and send unlimited email campaigns
  • Customizable email system automations
  • Use custom email headers and signatures
  • Distribution via clients’ own mail servers possible (SMPT)
  • Proven high deliverability of mail campaigns, incl. email open rate
  • Segment recipient groups
  • Automated creation of attachments (e.g. personal agenda, tickets, badges)
  • Performance reporting (meeting and platform engagement, etc.)
  • Sponsor profile customization with interactive content, banners, file downloads etc.
  • Hosted buyer formats
  • Business cards / profile downloads
  • Sponsored emails
  • Sponsored sessions
  • Sponsor pages with presentation via widget
  • Advertising space on tickets, badges, and PDF catalogue
  • Engagement reports for sponsors
  • Banner management for sponsor promotion
  • Private video lounges for sponsors
  • Generate and print badges & name tags
  • Automatically display barcodes on tickets
  • Scan tickets/badges via web app
  • Manually check in and check out participants
  • Check-ins on a per-session basis possible
  • Integration with third-party hardware (scanning, ticket printing, etc.)
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • GDPR Compliance Check (technical, no legal advice)
  • Easy integration of privacy policy, terms of use and imprint
  • Running on ISO 27001 certified servers in Germany or the USA
  • Cookie consent solution

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Questions & Answers

Find out everything about the platform, pricing and our processes


Your event platform will be customized based on your specific needs and requirements. The software is being continuously upgraded and refined based on over 20 years of customer feedback. Each platform takes inspiration from the thousands of successful networking events supported by Converve.

Once we have received a signed contract, the platform will be installed within one or two business days. You will then receive your admin credentials, and an onboarding meeting will be planned to familiarize you with the system. Platforms are generally ready to open for registration within 2 or 3 weeks.

You can find out more about the workflow here.

The platform remains online for at least 9 months. Upon request, we can keep your platform running for a longer period of time, even permanently.

Admins can access the platform at any time, and it is up to the event organizer to determine when users should (or should not) have access to the platform, whether that be pre, during, or post-event.

Yes – we are currently supporting several 365-day platforms. We would be happy to show you the possibilities of a 365-day platform during a demo.

Talk to us! If a required feature was not mentioned in our features list, it is possible that we have already developed it and it is simply not listed. It is also possible that we develop new features to meet the requirements for your event.

We recommend that you share your list of requirements with us before your scheduled demo so we are able to assess the technical feasibility and estimate the associated additional costs (if required) in advance.

The platform is currently available in nine different languages: (DE | EN | FRA | ESP | POR| NL | FIN | NOR | RUS).

In addition, all website & platform content can be translated into any other language.

Yes – we want to make your transition to Converve as simple as possible. User data can be provided to us in Excel spreadsheets, or you can import this data to the platform yourself.

The platform remains fully usable for you as an admin even after the event. You have continued access to all data, reports, sessions, participant information, and other content. Registered users may still have access to the platform to review their meeting partners for example.

We set up a platform for every event to ensure that all latest features and updates are included. It is easy to copy over elements such as registration forms from previous events.


The prices shown above include the following services:

  • Setting up the platform with all core features
  • Unlimited support
  • The number of participants

Additional costs may be incurred for add-on features and platform-specific development work.

Yes, there are discounts for hosting multiple events. If they are similar in structure, we can offer considerably cheaper price packages.

On request we can evaluate the discount possibilities for non-profit projects.

The invoicing is done in 3 phases in most cases:

  1. 50% when the order is placed
  2. 30% at the start of event registration
  3. 20% after the event

If the number of participants estimated beforehand is significantly exceeded, the price will be adjusted accordingly. By request, we can also cap the number of participants.

Data & Security

Yes, the platform satisfies all requirements to be DSGVO and GDPR compliant. We also integrate a secure cookie solution and a GDPR quick check.

Data (e.g. data from ticket purchases) is only stored for use by the organizer. Collected data is stored on secure and ISO27001 certified German or US servers.

Data of your attendees will only be used within the scope of what is necessary for your event and can be deleted after the event has taken place.

You can find out more about data security here.


Converve offers unlimited support included in the base price.

This includes:

  • Platform and event website support (e.g. layout, design, content, agenda)
  • Support with matchmaking setup (e.g. keywords, rules)
  • Registration support (e.g. import of participants, registration workflows, forms)
  • Marketing support (e.g. mailings, automations, reporting)
  • Technical Support (e.g. streaming, video, Converve Rooms)

We do not charge extra for this support.

Yes – during your event you will have a contact at Converve you can reach out to for technical support, available 24/7 for emergencies.
For additional on-site support, please feel free to contact us.