Keep your data safe and secure

We believe in data protection

First-class data protection is a matter of safely handling sensitive data, data protection guidelines and trust. Converve GmbH is a Germany-based company and therefore is subject to the German Data Protection Act. The German Data Protection Act is known as one of the strictest privacy laws worldwide. As lawful citizens we willingly abide by its requirements. Moreover, we believe strict data protection standards being crucial for professional data management and privacy protection. When working with us, your data is safe.

Data protection at Converve

Participant data that you or your Participants provide to Converve will never be shared with third parties or used by us for other purposes. All event landing pages are automatically SSL-encrypted at no charge. We use additional tools to detect, analyze and defend against threats and incidents. With log analysis, data integrity monitoring, rootkit or vulnerability detection and configuration assessments, we can respond proactively and quickly to any potential incidents. We would be happy to provide you with our data processing agreement.

How we store data

Data that is collected, for example, when buying a ticket or registering will only be made available to the respective event organizer. The data is stored on servers in Germany and/or the USA, depending on the customer's requirements. Our server partners such as Amazon Webservices or Hetzner are ISO 27001 certified and offer further certifications such as PCI DDS Level 1. All registration data is backed up daily and completely deleted after the end of the event if requested or after a specified period of time. We will be happy to answer any further questions on data and IT compliance.

Payment & Ticketing

Converve is one of the first event software providers in Germany to work with Stripe, one of the world's leading payment providers and the largest Fintech Company in the USA. As a result, all payment processes are PCI compliant. Stripe offers a variety of payment methods such as credit card, instant bank transfer and many other options. In addition, Stripe offers a machine learning based fraud detection process that provides a further level of security for you and your participants.

Transparency & Communication

Participant and event data form an enormously valuable data treasure that belongs to you and which we handle very carefully. Handling this valuable data in accordance with data protection regulations is not always easy. We will share the experience gained from many events with you in order to inform and protect you on the subject of data protection.

If you have further questions about our security, do not hesitate to contact us.

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