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A networking platform which can be used for events around the world regardless of concept or theme needs to be one thing: flexible. Since our founding in 2000, we have developed a web-based platform which addresses this challenge, allowing you to optimize all aspects of your events.
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Event software tailored to match your personal needs


The platform design and branding, attendee registration, attendee management, matchmaking and networking are just some of the elements of your event that you will master with just one tool.


Even though our software is intuitive and easy to use without prior experience, we always provide a comprehensive, individual walkthrough of the platform to ensure that all components of your event function exactly the way you want them to.


Our clients can attest to the pride we take in providing tailor-made solutions to ensure both you and your participants have the best event experience possible.

“We finally got a platform that was directly tailored to our wishes and needs.”
Sofia W. COO of Leisure, Travel & Tourism
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