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A Solid Argument: Why Should Your Exhibitors Use a B2B Matchmaking Tool?

B2B Matchmaking professionalizes the exchange between exhibitors and trade fair visitors. Why should an exhibitor take part? How can you as an event organizer best motivate your exhibitors to do so?

Exhibitors always need to justify their participation in trade fairs with facts and figures. It is decisive how many leads are generated and their respective quality – as it is here that trade fairs are in direct competition with a wide range of other marketing tools. 

If you have therefore decided to offer your trade fair exhibitors a B2B matchmaking tool, it is key to motivate as many exhibitors and visitors as possible to actively use the tool. While some events already rely completely on matchmaking technology (like e.g. CO-BRANDS in Hamburg or ABM Events in Canada), other trade fairs are gathering their first experiences with professional networking tools like Converve. 

Exhibitors have a ton of tasks to complete prior to a trade fair. How can you support your exhibitors in getting the best out of matchmaking? How do you motivate them to take advantage of the tool’s possibilities?

We have collected 8 usage arguments that you can gladly copy and use for your exhibitor customers.


Why you as an exhibitor should use our matchmaking tool at (add your trade fair name here)

1. Benefit: By using the B2B Matchmaking Tool you are not leaving your trade fair success up to chance

By using our matchmaking tool and maintaining your profile completely, you can already make new contacts and generate leads before the trade fair itself. This means you already have a full schedule for the trade fair and thereby are not leaving your success up to chance!

By using matchmaking tools, trade fair participation is no longer a game of luck

2. Benefit: Separate the wheat from the chaff

In the hectic trade fair period, it is of particular importance to make quick decisions on which customers have the most sale potential and which are just there to browse. The matchmaking tool helps you to optimally implement your sales capacities and focus your sales staff on relevant customers. You’re not only able to confirm meeting requests, but also decline them, should the visitor profile not be suitable.

Cavin Domitter, exhibitor at the ABM in Canada, summarized it as follows: “The matchmaking tool enables us to concentrate on customers who we believe are the best fit.”

3. Benefit: It is very simple to maintain and optimally present your profile

You only need to add the profile information that is of particular interest to your visitors: your company, product, personnel or service profile(s). Thanks to the simple integration of your social media profile, you are able to simply and effortlessly make your company more tangible and better to experience. Using explanatory videos, we as your event organizer make data entry child’s play. 

4. Benefit: You maintain control of your trade fair appointments

The B2B matchmaking tool allows you to plan diverse appointments in parallel so that you can optimally utilize your time at your stand. Export your dates via iCal or Outlook integration and compare appointments during the trade fair.

5. Benefit: You offer your potential customers a clear added value and service

Make it as easy as possible for your potential stand visitors and customers to plan their trade fair visit by providing them with relevant and current information via your matchmaking profile. This increases your chances that customers are made aware of you via the matchmaking tool and get in contact with you.

6. Benefit: Matchmaking is like SEO marketing (SEO, SEM)

We all know how important it is nowadays for companies to be easily and well found in search engines like Google. The best place to bury a body is on the second page of a Google search, or so they say! This is similar with matchmaking tools: You reach your trade fair goals when you are easy to find and appear in relevant search queries.

7. Benefit: You make your trade fair participation measurable

Often, the subjective estimates of the sales team are the basis for the measurement of trade fair success.  If you use the B2B matchmaking tool, you receive valid data, facts and figures to evaluate the results of your trade fair presence. 

8. Benefit: You fuel your post-trade fair business with generated leads

Arranged meetings via the matchmaking tool are a perfect basis for you to target post-trade fair revenue, as well as coordinate follow-ups. Use the matchmaking tool’s messaging services to contact suitable customers – also after the fair!


Bottom Line

Equipped with these arguments, your service staff and project leadership can perfectly convey the use of matchmaking to exhibitors. Don’t underestimate this task, as many exhibitors are in the process of getting a grasp of this and need to juggle a lot of balls prior to a trade fair.

The easier you make it for your exhibitors to use matching and networking services, the bigger the success of the trade fair – thereby then also your own success.

The Converve platform for B2B matchmaking is designed to organize matching as simply and as efficiently as possible for visitors and exhibitors. This increases exhibitors’ fair ROI and your customer loyalty!