Five tips for successful event networking

Whether you are an organiser or a participant in a networking event you can best prepare for exhibitions, meetings and other events by using the Converve platform. Here we give you five practical tips on how our software solutions can support you in making the most of an event.

1. The right preparation

Good preparation is essential in making an event a great success. By using Converve software you can create, for instance, company or character profiles, or display product ranges. In this way, you will always have the right oversight and can prepare notes in advance for your interlocutors.
As the organiser, you can help participants promote their businesses and projects in a specific way. Business and collaborative partners can address each other using concrete methods. The management of participants will, of course, be carried out in accordance with European and German data protection laws.

2. Good research for optimal ROI

Before you visit the actual event, you should consider with whom you wish to make contact. That is considerably easier when sitting at your own desk than in the meeting itself. In the office you can carry out copious research using various sources.
The Converve platform offers rich possibilities for learning about other event participants and potential customers. You can simply use key phrases to search through the data bank.

3. Establishing contact made easy 

After deciding with whom you would like to converse at the exhibition or event, it’s time to make contact. Your interlocutor can specifically prepare for the subject you wish to discuss. In this way there’s no danger that your potential customer or partner will come to the meeting without the necessary documentation.
Converve’s software makes child’s play of initiating contact and agreeing appointments: it has its own messaging function, for example. Above all, you can initiate, confirm or reject appointments and be flexible about determining the intensity of your communications. There are also gateways to Twitter and other social networking sites.

4. Event networking and matchmaking

Leave yourself enough time for the real meeting at the event so you are not rushing about. A practical step might be to speak to several decision makers one after the other.

The Converve platform offers various configuration options to make the management of appointments easier. The confirmed appointments can be synchronised with iOS, Android and Windows-enabled smartphones. In addition, the software solutions offer export possibilities for iCal or Outlook calendar. Hence, participants and organisers can always fall back on their personal scheduling systems.

5. Following up

Converve’s events platform will help you after the event too. You will be able, for example, to record outcomes from your talks, or to enter new appointments for follow up meetings. With our software you will be supported before, during and after the networking event.
Do you have further questions for Converve? Contact us. We will explain how to make the most of our matchmaking platform and develop with you individual solutions for you and your business.