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Event Planning: 5 Reasons Why the Event Programme and Matchmaking Go Hand in Hand

People who visit B2B events want to network with each other and learn new things. The best way to do this is by linking the matchmaking platform and the event programme. Here’s why.

The research project Future Meeting Space carried out by the German Convention Bureau has once again confirmed: “The transfer of knowledge is a key factor in ensuring that participants leave a business event happy”.

At the same time, the experts at the Fraunhofer Institute list networking among the most important success factors for business events – in such a way that even quiet or introverted participants can make new contacts and network at the event.

This clearly demonstrates how closely knowledge transfer and networking are interlinked when it comes to the success of an event. We, at Converve, recognised this and thus focus on integrating business matchmaking and the event programme.

From the participants’ point of view and their “Delegate Experience”, it makes little sense to offer separate platforms that function completely isolated from one another for these essential components of business events.

What exactly are the advantages for participants and organisers, and how exactly does this work on the Converve event management platform?

1. Participant appointments and the event programme on one platform

Participants can make appointments with other participants, as well as “appointments” with the event programme, via the Converve platform. They can request appointments with other participants, exhibitors, and sponsors, confirm or reject received requests, and can keep an eye on their preferred lectures, keynotes, workshops, etc., with the integrated event programme.

2. Personal participant agenda

This gives the participants an effective and comfortable overview of all their relevant appointments. They avoid any overlapping and don’t forget appointments. This is a big step towards event personalisation!

All meetings, lectures, keynotes at a glance on the Converve platform

3. Integrated event programme and reporting for event organisers

Organisers can integrate the event programme and see in the reporting section who has registered for which programme item. This supports event management, spatial and capacity planning, and event marketing in advance. Particularly active participants can already be identified before the event , which in turn provides basic approaches for influencer marketing and gamification elements that are based on participants’ activity levels.

4. Integrated audience response tool

Thanks to our partnership with Slido, Audience Response can be offered directly in the event programme. Slido provides the opportunity to ask the speakers questions, to hold votes, to get feedback from the participants. This type of interaction is becoming increasingly important for business events; our Slido integration makes knowledge transfer, interaction, and networking grow even closer together.

Various interactions can be defined and offered through the same online platform for each session. This eliminates the annoying switching between different services for the participants.

5. Mobile view even for complex event programmes

Mobile first: Complex multitrack event programmes can also be tracked and planned via your smartphone. This is particularly of value for content-heavy events, e.g. in the fields of natural sciences, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and technology.

Session data and speaker pics can be included in the event programme, too


By integrating business matchmaking and event programme, two essential elements for successful events merge. This provides both an overview and comfort for event visitors and eases event planners’ stress levels and their lives! We are more than happy to chat with you  about how you can merge your event programme and business networking.