B2B Matchmaking at Events: 7 Arguments Why Your Fair Visitors Should Use This Service

Networking is one of the main reasons exhibitors and visitors take part in and go to fairs. Here are some valuable tips on how you can convince your fair visitors of the use of your matchmaking platform.

The more exhibitors and visitors participate on your matchmaking platform, the more effective and exact the B2B matchmaking will be. Your goal as a fair organizer must therefore be to inform as many partners as possible about the matchmaking service and to motivate them to participate.

The argument for exhibitors is obviously different than for fair visitors. While exhibitors target high-quality leads, visitors aim to use their time as efficiently as possible during the event.

Fair and congress visitors usually first inform themselves relatively last minute about the details of the event. This is what the user statistics of the Converve platform also show. Therefore, not only optimal timing of your communication measures towards visitors is essential, but also to promote it with the right use of beneficial arguments.

Here are 7 key arguments that you can adapt and implement similarly for your visitor communications for your trade fair:

“Register yourself quickly and simply on your business social networking profile for B2B matchmaking “

By registering for our trade fair, you have already completed the most important step. Extend your profile very simply using the data from your LinkedIn or XING profile. This will save you filling out any lengthy registration forms and allows you to fully concentrate on your fair visit.

“Identify interesting contacts via B2B matchmaking platform – and don’t lose any time”

Losing time at a trade fair having to wait for the desired contact partner is annoying. No-one has time to spare! By using our matchmaking platform, you can find your important contact partners from sales, management or product development already before your trade fair visit and also find appointments where all parties involved have time.

“Our platform enables you to simply arrange appointments long before the trade fair begins “

Don’t waste your time with lengthy telephone calls or inefficient e-mails. Using our B2B matchmaking platform you can already organize your appointments long before the trade fair even begins. This lets you concentrate on the most important aspect – meeting your business partners face to face at the fair. 

Busy, busy… Today’s trade show visitors have no time to waste

“Request, confirm or decline appointments “

In order to optimally plan your appointments at the trade fair, it is important that you can request appointments yourself. It also means that you can confirm or decline other requests to meet with you. This allows you e.g. to dedicate time to further education events or presentations and you only need one tool to manage your trade fair appointments. 

“Have all appointments and program elements in one overview “

You can not only arrange appointments with other participants but also book further scheduled program elements such as workshops, specialist presentations and so on. This gives you a perfect overview of all activities related to your trade fair visit and ensures you don’t miss any important to-dos.

“The platform works on your desktop as well as on your mobile “

You can access and operate the B2B matchmaking platform both from your office and from your mobile. This enables comfortable planning on the go, as soon as you have some free time available. This saves you time and money in preparing your trade fair visit. 

“Optimal follow-up after your trade fair visit “

You can also use your B2B matchmaking platform after the event to follow up on visits and appointments. The notification feature enables you to have an overview of all relevant information.

Bottom Line

For a B2B matchmaking platform to be successful, it is important that both exhibitors and visitors understand the service and participate in using it actively. Converve not only offers you an optimally working matchmaking software, we also support you in the planning and implementation of suitable communication measures prior to your event. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!