Converve joins the EUvsVirus program: The Great Hackathon against COVID-19

The EUvsVirus programme is an initiative of the Hackathon & Matchathon EIC COVID platform organised by the European Commission under the patronage of EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth).

The EUvsVirus-Hackathon was attended by over 800 innovators who presented their ideas to 1200 partners and 115 investors from all over Europe. The European Commission and a jury of experts selected a total of 120 winning teams with innovative solutions against COVID-19 and the consequences of the pandemic. In a second stage, these solutions then need to be “matched” with elite universities, companies, investors, accelerators, venture capitalists and public authorities. 

The Converve platform was chosen to ensure that this important stage was implemented quickly and efficiently.

“We have pitched several platforms,” says Michael Ionita, one of the main initiators of the project. “We are now very happy to have chosen Converve because it offers us a very flexible solution that can be implemented in a very short time”.

Within a few days and nights our developers customized the platform exactly to the requirements of the Matchathon. Now the innovators on the one hand and the partners on the other hand can be brought together via the platform. In addition, video meetings can be arranged using Converve’s in-house meeting solution.

We are very glad that we can do our part to fight the Covid virus. We hope that our platform will bring together ideas and partners who will develop solutions together to tackle the Covid virus and its effects.



The development of the Matchathon platform was supported by PWC Luxembourg both in terms of ideas and financially and has enabled an even faster realisation of the platform.

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