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Our privacy policy. Strong and reliable.

We believe in data protection.

First-class data protection is a matter of safely handling sensitive data, data protection guidelines and trust. Converve GmbH is a Germany-based company and therefore is subject to the German Data Protection Act. The German Data Protection Act is known as one of the strictest privacy laws worldwide. As lawful citizens we willingly abide by its requirements. Moreover, we believe strict data protection standards being crucial for professional data management and privacy protection. When working with us, your data is safe:

  • Customer data will not be handed over to third parties or used for other purposes by Converve GmbH.
  • Daily back-ups of customer registration data keep the data safe.
  • Any data gathered when i.e. buying a ticket or registering for the event is solely available to the event manager.
  • Data and databases are deleted after the event.