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Your event setup. Simple and intuitive.

Organize your networking event on a single platform.

Engage attendees with a customized professional website, simple registration process and a secure payment platform. Attendees will be galvanized by your event management.

  • In a few simple steps, create an attractive and effective event website to engage your audience.
  • Use a Converve default domain, create your own domain or subdomain, or integrate the event site into your existing websites.
  • Create and manage your website following the specifications of your corporate design with our CMS.
  • Offer attendees a complete registration system, or integrate your existing system into the Converve platform. Automatically fill fields with LinkedIn and/or Xing API integration.
  • Provide a secure payment method for attendees including discounts (i.e. earlybird), multiple payment methods (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer), and SSL encryption.
  • Create email invitation campaigns linked to your database, ensuring quick and comfortable registration nd SSL encryption.
  • Build your event program with sessions, speakers, workshops and attendee management.
  • Provide post-event surveys to gauge satisfaction of participants.