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Your event networking. Smart and vibrant.

Build a community for your event.

Our user-friendly participant database management allows participants to be involved in simple and goal-oriented networking before, during, and after your event. Ensure a high return on investment for participants by ensuring they network with the most relevant potential matches.

  • Be assured that your attendee data is protected by European data protection laws.
  • Allow participants to create, edit, and delete personal, company, and product profile pages.
  • Let participants browse the catalogue of participants using keywords and free text to find potential interesting contacts, customers, or partners.
  • The MyMatch recommendation tool automatically recommends potential matches for participants using pre-programmed algorithms.
  • Participants control their level of communication with other participants with an internal private messaging system and the ability to send friend requests.
  • Participants have the ability to continue effectively networking after the event over the event platform at your discretion.