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FAQ for organizer

Why professional networking events?

As an event organizer, you know that professional networking events and appointment matching programs are the best way for executives to connect with other key decision-makers in their industry. Instead of squandering precious time, energy, and money on small talk with the wrong people, event attendees connect one-on-one in pre-arranged and pre-scheduled meetings. Our innovative solution to networking and matchmaking at events guarantees the right people, ideas, and capital connect. Networking events utilizing the Converve platform facilitates first-class business connections, profitable long-term networking, and measurable ROI for your attendees. Transform the way you do networking and help forge business partnerships and meaningful connections for the future.

Why professional event networking software?

Your attendees expect high-level networking and profitable business connections to be made at your event. Without the right software, professional networking can be difficult to organize and nearly impossible to customize. We have designed the Converve platform to simplify the entire process – making set-up and promotion easy and intuitive, networking and matchmaking logical and efficient, and providing considerable ROI to your attendees. The Converve platform provides a seamless experience for you and your attendees. Simple website creation, effortless SEO, social media integration, detailed profiles, advanced search functions, intelligent recommendation tools, and great follow up features make planning and organizing your networking event straightforward and enjoyable.

Which networking event format is right for me?

B2B matchmaking, hosted buyer events, trade shows, business speed dating or exchange events - any of these formats are great for optimizing your business networking and matchmaking. The perfect match for your networking event depends predominantly on the nature of your requirements. Converve has considerable experience in customizing the perfect software solutions for different networking formats. Our diverse clientele can be found throughout the world and range from small regional businesses to global corporations. We believe every networking event is unique. Connect with us! We will help you find the ideal software solution for your event!

Why one-on-one meetings?

A recent study by Forbes showed one-on-one meetings are still crucial for building stronger, more meaningful business partnerships. Interaction in face-to-face meetings allows participants to better gauge whether a person or company is the ideal match for future business cooperation. Professional B2B matchmaking draws on this insight, optimizing the entire process of matchmaking and creating first-class business connections and measurable ROI.

How does the unique recommendation tool MyMatch work?

The MyMatch tool provides attendees with potential fruitful matches based on their profile information within seconds. It is a unique feature that streamlines networking and matchmaking, helps attendees create a personalized agenda, and enables them to reach their intended audience.

How long does it take to setup?

Once you complete the initial one-hour training session for the Converve platform, you can start immediately. The Converve platform is web-based, so there’s no need to download and install software. Your admin account is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser. You should expect approximately 10 to 14 days in total between agreement and the first online registration from an attendee. For further information on timelines, please take a look at our simple and workflow chart.

Can I integrate my existing event webpage into the Converve platform?

Yes, there are several ways to do this. Please contact us to discuss the best way for your webpage.

How do I integrate my event data?

There are various ways for the Converve platform to integrate with your existing data systems and ensure a seamless transfer of all data necessary for implementation and deployment. We can use our fully documented API, creating a near real-time integration, or you can provide us with an XML feed or a CSV file. These options are available for all of your data, including sessions and attendees.

Can I integrate my existing registrations system into the Converve Platform?

Yes, we have designed APIs to various existing registration systems. Please contact us to find the best solution for your specific case.

Do you offer SSL-encryption?

Yes, we can offer SSL-encryption for your event. We recommend SSL-encryption for data safety reasons and when offering payment facilities to your attendees.

Do you offer payment facilities?

We offer payment solutions for credit card, PayPal, invoice, and more. You can also track payments in real time, seeing which attendees have and have not paid. Please ask us for the appropriate solutions for your specific case.

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