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FAQ for attendees

I have signed up for a Converve networking event, what next?

Once you have signed up, you can edit detailed personal, project or company profiles and immediately start identifying promising business partners using our search functions and matchmaking recommendation tools. You can request, confirm, and reject meetings and control the depth of communication by using private messaging and “liking” tools. A personalized schedule containing confirmed meeting requests, as well as pre-planned aspects of the event (i.e. workshops), is automatically generated. Finally, your face-to-face meetings take place at the time and place specified.

Why sign up for a professional networking event?

Attending a professional networking event is the easiest and most efficient way to network and connect with potential future business partners or clients in pre-arranged and pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings. As soon as you have registered for the networking event, you can begin searching the directory of attendees using advanced search functions and recommendation tools, and identify interesting potential business partners or clients. Why waste precious time and energy on chatting with the wrong people if there is a possibility to talk business with the right people right from the start?

Why one-on-one meetings?

A recent study by Forbes showed one-on-one meetings are still crucial for building stronger, more meaningful business partnerships. Interaction in face-to-face meetings allows participants to better gauge whether a person or company is the ideal match for future business cooperation. Professional B2B matchmaking draws on this insight, optimizing the entire process of matchmaking and creating first-class business connections and measurable ROI. It is the ideal solution to network within, or across, industries.

Can I create more than one profile? How can I be sure my data is safe?

You can edit personal, project, and company profiles to ensure you reach your target audience. Your data is safe with us. We are a company based in Germany and thus adhere to the German Data Protection Act, one of the strictest data protection regulations worldwide.

The event I've signed up for has 15 minute timeslots. What is the most efficient use of this short period of time?

15 minutes is enough time for both parties to find out whether they match or not. Here is some advice on how to best proceed:

1. Small talk (1-2 minutes)
2. Introduce your company or project (2 minutes)
3. Discuss your counterpart’s company or project. Please prepare 3 to 5 questions using relevant profile information. Try asking at least 3 questions. (5 minutes).
4. Discuss common interests and prospects for future co-operation. Please prepare questions using relevant profile information. (4 minutes).
5. Agree on follow-up actions. How will you stay in contact? Who will write an email or schedule a follow up meeting? (2 minutes).
6. Evaluate meeting. Sum up hard facts, thoughts, impressions and feelings in 5 sentences. (1 minute).

What is the best possible way for a successful and profitable B2B matchmaking experience?

The Converve Platform provides a broad range of networking and matchmaking resources which enables you to be well-equipped for a successful networking and matchmaking experience. Advanced search tools and the unique MyMatch recommendation tool offers a quick and easy way to identify potential business partners. Detailed profiles and a comprehensive directory keep you well informed and ahead of the game at all times. Other than that – bring your entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm! A professional networking event is a unique opportunity not only to forge new business partnerships, but also an exciting social and entrepreneurial experience!