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Aboriginal Business Match Penticton

Business Exchange Event in Penticton

Client: Raven Events and Communications

The Aboriginal Business Match (ABM) is the most powerful Aboriginal-driven business development event in Canada connecting Aboriginal communities with the private sector to create opportunities for business. At each event, delegates initiate new business deals worth over $30 million.

Three National Aboriginal Business Match events take place annually: ABM West (Penticton, BC - May), ABM Prairies (Saskatoon, SK - June), and ABM East (Mississauga, ON - November).


ABMs primary goal is to benefit Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities in the pursuit of their business objectives. ABM is Aboriginal-driven and aims to attract companies that are in tune with the vast opportunities and unique characteristics of Aboriginal economic development - and those who want to learn.
Generate high-quality meetings between Aboriginal entrepreneurs and the private sector to create opportunities for business, create real ROI;


ABM delegates use a technology-driven online the tool the Converve Platform to set up as many as 31 pre-qualified appointments that are 20 minutes in length. Over a 2.5-day period at the event, these meetings keep the conversation focused and efficient and help determine next steps if a business match has been made or is possible.

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