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Case Study GDC 2016: How Do You Attract More Than 26,000 Game Developers to San Francisco?

30 years are an eternity in the world of gaming – but that is exactly how long GDC, the Game Developers Conference has already been around! What makes it such a spectacular event? Find out here!

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Tags: Networking, Behind the Scenes

Beer and Networking? Not Such a Bad Match!

Our series, “Converve – Behind the Scenes” offers you a closer look at the Converve team. Which one of the Converve staff do you think might be a part-time beer brewer?

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Tags: Tools & Tips, Time Management

Time Management: Don't Get Overwhelmed By Your E-mail Inbox

Working in events or marketing, you'll be quite familiar with this: Ding! - Yet another wave of e-mail has flooded your inbox and is about to drag you further away from your work! Feeling like this is out of your hands? On the contrary!

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Tags: Tools & Tips, Event App

5 Tips to Market Your Event Apps

Let’s say you took the brave decision to offer your delegates an app for your event: Great idea! Now let's work on a great marketing strategy to make sure that your app will be widely used!

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ABM 2015 - Watch the newest event video now!

The Aboriginal Business Match (ABM) is the most powerful Aboriginal-driven business development event in Canada connecting Aboriginal communities with the private sector to create opportunities for business.

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Tags: Networking, Tools & Tips

Five tips for successful event networking

Whether you are an organiser or a participant in a networking event you can best prepare for exhibitions, meetings and other events by using the Converve platform. Here we give you five practical tips on how our software solutions can support you in making the most of an event.

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Whether you are an organizer or participant in a networking event: With the Converve platform, you can optimally prepare for tradeshows, conferences and other events. Here you will find useful information and tips.

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